Hi! My name is Rach – and I travel. I’m constantly travelling locally and internationally and am also travelling the journey of life.

With a home base in sunny Queensland, Australia, my family and I make an effort to explore as much as we can – be it just around the corner or to the other side of the world. This blog is to tell our story; not only of travelling in the literal sense, but of our travels through life itself. We promise we have some pretty good stories that highlight the good, bad and ugly and some great recommendations.

So, who are you travelling with while you read this blog?

  • There’s me – Rach. I’m a self confessed history nerd obsessed with living life to the absolute fullest and getting lost in novels. I’m in the healthcare world.
  • There’s my partner, whose into flying planes and programming computers. He is a butter chicken fiend.
  • Our big girl whose primary interests include the Troll movie sound track, dancing, the beach and pretending to be a vet.
  • Our little girl who brings us so much joy everyday with beautiful gummy smiles, baby cooing and giggles. She is such a beautiful, happy baby.

We also have two fur babies – our Golden Retriever, Hudson, and our rescue cat, Gibbs.

I’d love for you to come along our journey with us. We are so excited to document our adventures.