Having your cars broken into – step by step thought process

  1. Why is my car door ajar? Why is the dash console open?
  2. What the hell, I locked it. I know I locked it, because I stood out in the rain trying to get the damn thing to shut because it’s old as and doesn’t have central locking.
  3. This is bull.
  4. I left my handbag in the car and my camera last night when I got home at 10, too tired to function.
  5. Not just a camera, a really expensive Canon DSLR camera.
  6. I am angry. With myself, for being so stupid, and with the filthy people who took my stuff.
  7. Swear. Lots of swearing.
  8. Cancel cards.
  9. Police.
  10. Forensic police. Photos. Finger printing.
  11. Feel bad about state of messy car.
  12. Ensured by police officer that his wife and daughter’s cars are identical.
  13. Tell dog he is useless for not barking.
  14. Dog sits on police officers feet and demands pats. Dog cuddles police officer.
  15. Affirmed – dog is useless for anything but cuddles.
  16. Google German Shepherds.
  17. Hate everyone.
  18. Cry, because you’re pregnant, hormonal, you feel like an idiot and some people just suck.

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