Sorry Ma’am, we can’t let you fly today. That time I got stranded in Sydney

Once upon a time there was a pregnant lady who was had a bit of the old baby brain. So much so, that she didn’t remember to get a medical certificate from her obstetrician giving her the okay to travel at 30 weeks pregnant. This was fine flying Brisbane to Sydney – not an eyelid was batted – however it was not fine trying to go Sydney to Brisbane. It resulted in her not being allowed to board the aircraft home, tears, a $209 hotel room where the air conditioner didn’t work, $40 in Taxi fares, $40 in bought food, a letter being frantically faxed from her obstetrician, and a 6 am flight the next morning – where they didn’t even ask to see the medical certificate.

So, my dear friends who are a) pregnant b) ever planning on flying while pregnant at any point in the future –  don’t forget the damn medical certificate.

At least the view from the plane that morning was pretty, and my incredibly over priced yogurt and fruit from the airport tasted good.


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