At home date night challenge – Week 1

We set ourselves a challenge to have an at home date night every week. We’re currently saving to head to Bali at the end of the year and I have just started my maternity leave, so we are saving every penny. Still, we are firm believers in making time for our relationship regardless of what is happening with work, uni, kids and life. 

What we did:

We lit some candles, made some delicious butter chicken, and ate it on outside on our deck. We both thought of some questions to ask each other out of the realm of normal conversation to encourage us to keep talking. After dinner, we put down a blanket and looked at the stars. We jumped on Spotify too, and put an acoustic love playlist on in the background. Our little fun question for the week was ‘When you picture the perfect life with your family, what are we all doing?’ 

At first, I thought it would be super cool for us to be a family of archaeologists digging in Egypt, but the more we discussed it, the more I think my dream is a beautiful old home in England or Scotland, a big roaring fire place and a library within our home. Our girls are happy at school, I’m a teacher and my partner is flying planes. Just all of us together cuddled in the warm enjoying the seasons. Which then lead to discussion about us maybe one day packing up and heading over to the UK. Questions are so much fun! I don’t really think anyone reads my blog, but what’s your dream for your family?


4 thoughts on “At home date night challenge – Week 1

  1. A house with a bit of land for horses and motorbikes and a library. Kids happy and thriving. Partner happy and in a job he enjoys. and we’re still incredibly in love with each other.


  2. Cute house in the mountains with a view of a lake and a big front porch and garden in the back. 2 healthy, happy kids and 2 dogs. Freedom from office life and ability to pursue our creative, entrepreneurial ideas. Lots of time to travel and snowboard. And of course, a happy healthy marriage. That would be the life.


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