Most Embarrassing Moment of My Entire Life.

Made public, for your reading pleasure.

One lovely summer morning, our golden retriever puppy thought it would be a brilliant idea to rummage through the bin and retrieve our four year old’s wet night pull up (she is toilet trained 100% during the day but hasn’t got the hang of nights yet). I chased him to try get it off him.

The front door was open to let the breeze in and it was just the screen door. Which was not latched. My dog bolted outside and me, in my undies chased him outside. (I am an undies dweller when I’m at home in the heat. It’s singlet and undies for me always.) Our front yard isn’t fenced, only the back, and this dog is my baby. He also cost $1600 just quietly, so him running away really wasn’t an option. I grabbed him by the collar and told him he was naughty, bending over.

Then I see this man standing there, about a meter away from me. He says nothing, and then quickly looks away, looks me back in the face and asks me if I’d like to consider supporting a charity.

Picture it y’all – a heavily pregnant lady in too tight granny undies, a singlet with no bra on bent over, holding a dog who had a wet nappy in his mouth.

Moral of the story… Actually there’s a few morals of the story. Don’t let a puppy near a bin. Make sure the front door is latched, even when your kids aren’t home. Oh – and some charity workers are mighty ballsy. If that was me, I would have scampered away quick smart.

Goodness me, that dog is pretty lucky he is cute because I’m pretty sure I have no dignity left. Hudson



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